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Same-sex (LGBT) marriage and divorce is now recognized under California law. The state also acknowledges registered domestic partnerships that affords you similar rights and responsibilities. Los Angeles attorney Charles M. Green is highly experienced with California Same-Sex Divorce laws and is proficient with all the new California family law statutes regarding these issues.

In August 2013, in a one-line order, the California Supreme Court refused to halt same-sex marriages throughout the state. This rejected the latest legal bid to revive Proposition 8’s ban on gay nuptials. With this legal bombshell, it’s seems extremely likely that gay marriage is here to stay in California.

With this major shift in California Family Law dynamics, you can be sure that this ruling will go on to influence other areas of family law in Los Angeles. As a Certified California Family Law Specialist, Mr. Green can provide effective provide representation in family law actions for those with domestic partnership or same-sex marriage status.

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