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IRS Audit Assistance in Los Angeles

IRS Audit Assistance in Los Angeles

The Internal Revenue Service can initiate an audit of a tax return at any time. While it is ideal that you take steps to avoid your business or individual return from being audited, there are times it is simply out of your hands. No matter how you have come to need assistance with an IRS audit in Los Angeles, Charles M. Green is here to help you.

Why would I need professional IRS audit help in Los Angeles?

Although there are prescribed channels for dealing with an IRS audit, it never seems to be a simple process for anyone. The IRS audit process is lengthy and time consuming. The time and money spent to try and solve the issues on your own is overwhelming.

Charles M. Green is an experienced IRS audit attorney who will be able to navigate the process with you, and be in contact with the IRS for you. Why spend hours on the phone waiting on hold when we can do that for you?

How to survive an IRS tax audit

The most important thing to remember when you get notified that you’re going to be audited is to stay calm. No problem is ever solved in a panic. Next, we recommend you contact an IRS audit expert for help. At the Law Office of Charles M. Green, we can help you get through the process. But if you don’t call us, please do get help.

Also, do not ignore the IRS audit letter! You will generally have up to 30 days to respond, but do not delay. If you do not respond, the IRS will make automatic adjustments and begin the collection process on the taxes you owe after the adjustments.

Begin to get all your documentation together and focus on the areas of the return that have been called into question by the IRS audit letter.

It is important once the audit is concluded to pay anything that is owed according to your agreement with the IRS to avoid additional issues such as tax liens on your property.

Avoiding an IRS Audit

  • Manage any overseas assets legally and report everything.
  • Round up to the nearest dollar. Do not round up to the nearest thousand on your return.
  • Be careful about your home office or business expense reporting. Do not mix business and personal costs.
  • Do not under report or fail to report any income.
  • Be wary of odd or unreasonable deductions.
  • Do not exaggerate donations to charitable organizations.
  • Be careful who you choose to prepare your taxes – they can get you into trouble!

Is there any good news?

Thankfully there is some good news. The first is that most IRS audits are correspondence audits which means you will be supplying information by mail instead of dealing with an IRS auditor face-to-face. The other good news is you’re not alone in this. If you seek help from Charles M. Green, you will not have to worry about getting through the process at all!

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