Domestic violence is a serious concern. Whether you are seeking to protect yourself and your family with a restraining order or you are facing a complaint, it’s important to get the help you need. Los Angeles family law attorneys, including myself, work with clients to assert their rights and to prevent them from making mistakes in the legal process.

First, a definition of “domestic violence”: essentially, it’s any sort of violence that takes place in the home, usually between family members or partners. There are legal measures that protect people from domestic violence, and your attorney can help you to explore them.

However, if someone is threatening you or your children, your first call should be to the police. Getting your family out of danger is the priority. When the police are on-scene, you can ask for an emergency restraining order. It’s temporary—it will only last for a few days—but it will provide you legal protection while you evaluate the situation.

Next, begin researching family law attorneys in Los Angeles. Look for an attorney who deals specifically with domestic violence issues. Moving forward, you’re going to be relying on this person to establish legal safeguards for you and your children. You want someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and supportive.

I serve clients who are dealing with domestic abuse in several ways:

  • I counsel them on their options. The most common approach is to seek a restraining order against the perpetrator. If he / she violates it, the client can call the police to arrest the perpetrator.
  • I work to obtaining the restraining order from the court. This can happen on an emergency basis and, in some cases, without notifying the perpetrator. The order may be temporary or permanent depending on the situation.
  • If the perpetrator is someone with whom my client is involved in a custody dispute, I can present evidence to the court that will help demonstrate the client should be awarded custody.

Family Law Specialists are also responsible for defending people who are accused of domestic violence. Unfortunately, these claims are sometimes brought in the context of a child custody dispute: one person puts out a restraining order as a way of gaining an advantage over the other. If this describes your situation, you must take action now to protect your rights and to guard your children from this type of manipulation.


About the author

Charles M. Green is Certified as a Family Law Specialist through the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California. He has worked extensively in both the financial fields and as a litigation attorney specializing in Family Law Cases. He is also diversely experienced in a number of other practice areas of importance to individuals and families. You can find him on Google+
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