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Koreatown Divorce & Family Law Lawyers

Working with an experienced divorce and family law attorney in Koreatown can help make any family law issues and processes easier for  you and all parties involved.

Everyone our clients has a unique family law or divorce situation. You may be able to seek an annulment but in most cases splitting couples will need the assistance of the best divorce attorney in Koreatown to help them intelligently proceed the split of their legal relationship.


Filing for a Koreatown Divorce

If you are unsure about the divorce process in California we are here to help. Even before you even make any official moves we can give you a comprehensive consultation to help you determine the best strategies moving forward. If you have children, a business, pension, or other similar community property dynamics involved in your divorce you you should definitely hire an experienced attorney. Charles M. Green is among the most experienced attorneys in Koreatown, Los Angeles. He also possesses financial expertise as a former CPA for top accounting firms in New York. This financial expertise is an added value ensuring you will be proceeding on the right foot for all aspects of your divorce or family law case.


Multilingual Legal Assistance for Family Law Case

We also have Spanish and Korean language California family professionals to ready to assist you. We strive for efficient and effective divorce & family law processes for all our Koreatown clients. We also do our best to = make your divorce process as easy and secure for you as possible. We are available to talk and answer any questions and concerns you may have. With over 23 years of proven success, our firm’s longevity speaks to the effectiveness of our legal representation and to the sincerity of our character in serving good people from a variety of economic backgrounds.


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