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Certified California Family Law Specialist • 20 Years Divorce Lawyer Experience • Financial Expertise as a Former CPA*

Certified Family Law Specialist (“CFLS”) with 20 Years Divorce Lawyer Experience

Charles M. Green is a highly experienced  los angeles divorce lawyer with over 20 years of  litigation experience in the California family law court system. He is a certified California Family Law Specialist practicing all aspects of family law and one of the very few divorce attorneys in Los Angeles with extensive financial experience as a CPA (now inactive.)

Financial Expertise in Divorce

Prior to becoming a divorce attorney and family law specialist, Mr. Green acquired unique tax and financial expertise working as an accountant for several prominent New York international accounting and tax firms. Hiring a L.A. divorce attorney who is also a former accomplished Certified Public Accountant will give you that extra boost of confidence knowing you are being represented by a highly experienced attorney with the proven ability to handle the complex financial aspects of your divorce or family law case.

When you find yourself confronted with complicated personal legal problems, don’t take chances. Hire a California divorce lawyer who has a proven record of success.

Spanish and Korean Language Paralegals

Our divorce firm law firm practices California Family Law including, but not limited to, divorce (dissolution), child custody, domestic violence, and support cases. The firm also has Korean and Spanish language paralegals available to assist all clients.

What to Expect at Your Divorce Consultation

Atty. Green Interviewed: Lupillo Rivera Case

Family Law Attorney Los Angeles
Certified California Family Law Specialist
20+ Years of Legal Experience
tax lawyer los angeles california
Financial Expertise as a former CPA*
L.A. Divorce Specialist “Best Divorce Lawyers ” 2015-19

California Divorce and Family Law Representation

Our Los Angeles family law firm also has experience with less-frequent but sometimes complicated family law cases. We could draft a prenuptial agreement for you to preserve the character of your premarital property and to clarify your spousal support obligations prior to a marriage. After a marriage a similar type of agreement to a “Pre Nup” is called a Post Nuptial agreement. Perhaps you or your child are the victim of domestic violence and you need to file a temporary restraining order against the abusive spouse or parent. If so, we can help you take immediate action to receive the court-ordered protection that you need. We can also help you establish or dispute a paternity case.

Sometimes as part of the divorce strategy it is best to file a Bankruptcy to avoid significant community or separate debts. Our firm is skilled in crossover issues of Divorce, Bankruptcy and Taxation issues as well. Whatever divorce related legal problem has now become part of your life we urge you to please take the time to meet with us to obtain the most professional, compassionate, and understanding California divorce and family law representation available in Los Angeles.

  • “Mr. Green’s team was outstanding. Not only are they professional but they are also genuinely caring people. I consider myself very blessed to have scored such a great attorney. Thanks Charles!”

    Andre W.
  • “Everyone in the office was very friendly. They helped me get through a difficult period in my life easily, and without a ton of financial strain. I can honestly say I would recommend Mr. Green to anyone in need of a divorce attorney.”

    Kat C.
  • “I highly recommend Mr. Green and his office. They were a pleasure to work with. Made a difficult divorce situation a breeze! Fabiana (the legal assistant) is great! She’s always on top of everything! Thanks again for everything!”

    Laura E.
Divorce Lawyers Los Angeles, CA
Expert legal representation on understanding, managing, and successfully navigating the California divorce process. @o years experience in divorce litigation..
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The court’s role is to look out for best interests of the children. It is imperative to act in a responsible and appropriate manner to prove themselves in the eyes of the court.
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Fear and uncertainty set in when the divorce process starts, especially when it comes to maintaining one’s finances. Get expert analysis of Spousal Support issues.
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Expert advice on child support process, issues, and how to respond when your spouse does not comply with his/her child support obligations.
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Dividing up property and assets is a frequent component of a California divorce. Attorney Charles Green is a former and accomplished CPA* (now inactive) that will ensure your best financial footing..
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CPA Attorney Divorce Los Angeles
If you anticipate having a financially complex divorce or have various assets to divide, hiring an attorney with a CPA background is the way to go. It is like having a forensic accountant on board your case.
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Domestic violence is a serious concern. Work with an experienced attorney to ensure that you and your family have the protection they need.
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Paternity Lawyer
People who are not married may not be able to agree about parentage. These decisions are especially important and our firm can guide you in establishing your rights.
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Diana O. Olanipekun

Associate Family Law Attorney
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Charles M. Green

Principal Attorney | Family Law Specialist
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Fabiana Piroyansky

Paralegal / Spanish Coordinator
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Hiring a Divorce Law Firm ? Best Practices

Who you select among the many divorce lawyers in the market is probably the most important decision you will make in your divorce case. Ideally you want an attorney who is dynamic, sensitive to your budget, and is proficient at achieving an early settlement. If you play your cards right and do the research you can obtain a well qualified attorney for your divorce case.

Interview at least three (3) Los Angeles divorce lawyers. While a recommendation from your neighbor, hairdresser, or associate is nice, it is wise to not act from that advice alone regardless if it is positive or negative. By all means still consider that attorney but don’t make the mistake of dropping an attorney because of negative advice,  during divorce cases a person’s judgment is often affected by adverse emotions and anger. A great resource to utilize in your search for good divorce lawyers in your area is your local bar association or a reputable attorney directory such as Avvo.

rules of divorce

The 9 Rules of a California Divorce

California divorces can be smooth, diplomatic transitions or they can be tumultuous and emotionally charged. The divorce process for most divorcing couples is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. However, when the process does take on an extreme form it is usually to the negative.

We are all unique individuals possessing unique life experiences. Some of us have experiences more challenging than the next person and  with that, some individuals having the privilege of knowing how to manage those challenges better than others. Romantic relationships often distract individuals from acknowledging and working on their personal, buried, emotional wounds. Consequently, during a break-up these unresolved issues will trigger intense emotions and inhibit logical thinking.

We understand the onslaught of inciting thoughts and emotions you may be facing. However,  for the greater good of everyone involved, including yourself,  conscious effort should made to keep the negativity in check. Easier said than done of course, right?..

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