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3699 Wilshire Blvd Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90010 | View Map

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Charles M. Green is an elite highly experienced and knowledgeable Family Law Attorney with over 17 years of quality experience. He is highly successful and capable of representing you in the Los Angeles Superior Court system for all aspects of California Family Law and Divorce. As a Certified California Family Law Specialist (CFLS), Charles M. Green has established his divorce law credentials through extensive litigation experience, rigorous independent testing, continuing legal education and peer reviews.

Mr. Green is the founder and Managing Attorney at the Law Offices of Charles M. Green, APLC since June of 1999. Mr. Charles M. Green is a State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization Certified Family Law Specialist Attorney. Mr. Green has extensive family law California State Court family law litigation experience.
Charles M. Green personally supervises each and every Family Law and divorce case at the firm whether the issues are complex financially or those that involve child custody and visitation. Prior to becoming an Certified Specialist in Family Law, Charles M. Green, obtained tax and financial expertise as a accountant with a New York and California CPA license for 10 years. Mr. Green has had financial work experience at several of the international accounting and tax firms.

Types of Divorce and Family Law Practice Areas

Divorce in the Los Angeles County Superior Court is the most common family law matter we handle. Whether you are in need of aggressive divorce litigation in a contested case or you desire to pursue a divorce outside of court through private mediation, or have an uncontested divorce, Charles M. Green is the Los Angeles divorce lawyer with the experience and knowledge to successfully represent you.

Our legal team is skilled in litigating all types of divorce orders and negotiating for fair divorce agreements in contested and uncontested cases. We can skillfully handle your case to ensure that you are treated fairly during the property division process, especially in a divorce with significant assets or debts and that you obtain the child custody, support, spousal support, and visitation that you are legally entitled and for the best interests of your children.

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    Dissolution and related issues

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers

Our divorce firm also has experience with less-frequent but sometimes very complicated family law cases. We could draft a prenuptial agreement for you to preserve the character of your premarital property and to clarify your spousal support obligations prior to a marriage. After a marriage a similar type of agreement to a “Pre Nup” is called a Post Nuptial agreement. Perhaps you or your child are the victim of domestic violence and you need to file a temporary restraining order against the abusive spouse or parent. If so, we can help you take immediate action to receive the court-ordered protection that you need. We can also help you establish or dispute a paternity case.

Sometimes as part of the divorce strategy it is best to file a Bankruptcy to avoid significant community or separate debts. Our firm is skilled in crossover issues of Divorce, Bankruptcy and Taxation issues as well. Whatever Divorce related legal problem has now become part of your life we urge you to please take the time to meet with us to obtain the most professional, compassionate, and understanding legal representation available in Los Angeles.

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  • “Everyone in the office was very friendly. They helped me get through a difficult period in my life easily, and without a ton of financial strain. I can honestly say I would recommend Mr. Green to anyone in need of a divorce attorney.”

    Kat C.
  • “Mr. Green’s team was outstanding to say the least. Not only are they professional but they are also genuinely caring people. I consider myself very blessed to have scored such a great attorney. Thanks Charles!”

    Andre W.
  • “I highly recommend Mr. Green and his office. They were a pleasure to work with. Made a difficult divorce situation a breeze! Fabiana (the legal assistant) is great! She’s always on top of everything! Thanks again for everything!”

    Laura E.

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