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Family Law Attorney Los Angeles

California Family Law Specialization

divorce attorney | family Law Specialist Charles M. Green is an attorney of 24 years Certified as a Family Law Specialist through the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California. California Family law is one the most complex and difficult genres of law practice.

A Certified Family Law Specialist must pass an extensive written examination in the variety of subjects that are family law, be approved by a peer review process and show proficiency in Family Law by having represented clients in a sufficient number of Family Law cases with varying degrees of complexity. Continuing education is required to maintain this specialty designation.

Attorney Charles M. Green is a highly experienced and successful California Family Law Attorney with over 21 years of family law litigation experience. Attorney Green is highly successful and capable of representing you in the family law court system for all aspects of California Family Law and Divorce. As a Certified California Family Law Specialist (CFLS), Charles M. Green has established his legal credentials through extensive litigation experience, rigorous independent testing, continuing legal education and peer reviews.

 When you are facing a Divorce, Custody, Support or other family law issues, you should not hesitate to consult an experienced certified California family law specialist practicing in the Los Angeles County Superior Court System who can help you resolve the case as favorably and efficiently as possible.


  • “I highly recommend Mr. Green and his office. They were a pleasure to work with. Made a difficult divorce situation a breeze! Fabiana (the legal assistant) is great! She’s always on top of everything! Thanks again for everything!”

    Laurie E.
  • Mr. Green’s team was outstanding to say the least. Not only are they professional but they are also genuinely caring people. I consider myself very blessed to have scored such a great attorney. Thanks Charles!

    Andrew W.
  • “Everyone in the office was extremely friendly. They helped me get through a difficult period in my life quickly, easily, and without a ton of financial strain. I can honestly say that I would recommend Mr. Green to anyone in need of a divorce lawyer.”

    Kat C.

Get the Legal Edge You Need: A 24-Year Family Attorney in Los Angeles with CPA Experience

Our Family Law Practice Areas

Family law attorneys cover relations between spouses, children, and other domestic relationships. Divorce is one of the most common areas of concern, but family law also deals with other important issues, such as property division, domestic violence, and paternity cases just to name a few.

These family law issues are often complicated cases. Charles M. Green is a Certified California Family Law Specialist* by the State of California Board of Legal Specialization. If you are seeking legal guidance from a family law attorney, it’s essential that you work with an experienced divorce attorney in Los Angeles who understands the range of issues you may face and who has the experience to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

You may require a family law attorney if you need to address any of these issues:


California Divorce

California Family Law Attorney Charles M. Green helps clients understand their options and secure their rights. He uses a professional and straightforward approach to help bring parties together in settlement when possible. In cases that require litigation he can provide vigorous and effective representation.

Child Custody

Responsible parents and attorneys ensure that the children’s best interests are prioritized in child custody cases. This means that both parties work to achieve an agreement in lieu of a court proceeding. Mr. Green has extensive experience in this process. Unfortunately, not every party seeks a fair and equitable outcome, and in these cases, Mr. Green offers legal representation before the court.

Spousal and Child Support

Mr. Green’s financial and business expertise help clients and their children receive proper support. When clients are facing spousal and child support claims, he ensures that their rights and assets are protected.

Property and Debt Division

Divorce proceedings often include the division of assets and debt. As your attorney, Mr. Green can identify which property should be treated as marital assets and which should be considered separate from the marriage. He helps clients resolve disputes that come out of the characterization and division of these assets.

Judgment Modifications

After a divorce, you may be able to alter the court’s judgment on certain issues. For example, if your spouse is planning to move to another state or is getting married, this may affect child support and child custody issues. Changing a court order is challenging, and so Charles M. Green helps clients to prepare an effective case for the court.

Learn More about Family Law

The Family Law Offices of Charles M. Green provides resources on several topics in family law:

The best resource is the knowledge and experience of our family law attorneys and legal team at Charles M. Green, APLC.  Get the help and representation you deserve. Give our friendly law offices a call today. 

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