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A California Divorce, when it comes down to it’s basic elements, is mostly about dividing assets, property, and debts. In some cases, the financial aspects of a divorce are pretty simple: the home, cars, financial accounts, credit cards, etc. Furniture and similar items usually go to one spouse or the other without much argument.

However, for couples with complex financial dynamics, the process can be much more convoluted. Even in rare cordial California divorces, some assets will be difficult to divide. In addition to the aforementioned basics, there might be stock options,  closely held businesses or professional practices,  retirement and insurance plans, assets held in various types of trusts,  numerous accounts and assets in different states, and other like complicated dynamics.

 With all that in the mix, details in the wording of a complicated settlement agreement can have major financial implications down the road. That is not something you want to leave to chance. Most Los Angeles divorce lawyers don’t have the insight to catch the long-term financial and tax impacts of such various divorce settlement options. In detailed financial scenarios you need an experienced financial professional on your case to work through all the financial angles of various settlement scenarios.
If you anticipate having a financially complex divorce or have various assets to divide, hiring an attorney with a CPA background is the way to go, it is like having a forensic accountant on board your case. Charles M. Green, is one of a few attorneys in Los Angeles who has extensive experience as a CPA, (now an inactive), and who is also distinguished a Certified California Family Law Specialist. Prior to becoming a Family Law Specialist, Mr. Green achieved unique tax and financial expertise working as an accountant for several prominent New York international accounting and tax firms.
Hiring a divorce attorney who is also a former accomplished Certified Public Accountant (now inactive) can give you the extra boost of confidence to know you are being represented by someone with the proven ability to handle the complex financial aspects of your California divorce case.