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Financial Expertise in Divorce

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In the fundamental aspects of a California divorce, the primary focus is on the division of assets, property, and debts. For some couples, the financial elements involved in a divorce may be relatively straightforward, involving homes, cars, financial accounts, and credit card debts. Generally, disputes over furniture and other household items are minimal.

However, for couples with intricate financial circumstances, the division process can become far more complex. Even in the rare amicable California divorces, certain assets can pose challenges in terms of equitable distribution. These complexities may involve stock options, closely held businesses or professional practices, retirement and insurance plans, assets held in various types of trusts, and numerous accounts and assets spread across different states.

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Charles M. Green

Leveraging his solid accounting background and comprehensive understanding of complex financial matters, Charles M. Green offers unparalleled expertise to high-net divorce cases. As a former CPA, Charles is well-equipped to address complex property divisions, valuations, uncovering concealed assets, assessing businesses, spousal support, child custody and visitation, and child support.

As a Certified California Family Law Specialist, Charles M. Green boasts more than two decades of experience in family law disputes and is committed to securing the most favorable outcome for your divorce. Contact Los Angeles divorce attorney Charles M. Green today  to arrange a free consultation and discover more about the high-net divorce process.


In such cases, the precise wording of a comprehensive settlement agreement is critical, as it can carry significant financial consequences in the future. Entrusting this responsibility to a lawyer lacking the necessary financial insight to identify long-term financial and tax implications may be a costly mistake. For detailed financial scenarios, it is essential to have an experienced financial professional on your side who can navigate the various settlement options.

If you foresee a financially complex divorce or have numerous assets to divide, hiring an attorney with a CPA background is an ideal choice. This is akin to having a forensic accountant on your team. Charles M. Green is among the few attorneys in Los Angeles who possesses extensive experience as a CPA (now inactive) and is also a distinguished Certified California Family Law Specialist. Before becoming a Family Law Specialist, Mr. Green gained valuable tax and financial expertise working as an accountant for several renowned New York international accounting and tax firms.

By retaining a divorce attorney who is also a former accomplished Certified Public Accountant (now inactive), you can have the added assurance that your case is being managed by someone with a proven ability to handle the intricate financial aspects of your California divorce.