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Certified Family Law Specialist

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What is a Complex Divorce Case?

A complex divorce case involves intricate legal and financial issues, typically including high-net-worth asset division, business valuations, hidden assets, and high-conflict custody disputes. These cases require expert legal guidance to navigate the complexities and ensure equitable outcomes. Charles Green’s extensive experience and financial expertise make him uniquely qualified to handle these challenging situations, providing strategic solutions and robust advocacy for his clients.


Navigating Through Complex Divorce Cases
with Charles M. Green’s Expertise in Los Angeles

Navigating a complex divorce can be an overwhelming and daunting process, especially in Los Angeles, where high-net-worth assets, intricate financial matters, and contentious custody battles often come into play. With over 26 years of experience, Charles Green stands out as a distinguished Family Law attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist who combines unparalleled legal acumen with a robust background in audit and tax.

Charles Green’s unique expertise is crucial in tackling the multifaceted issues that arise in complex divorces. His deep understanding of financial matters ensures that every asset is accounted for and properly valued, from business interests and real estate investments to retirement accounts and stock portfolios. Whether dealing with forensic accounting to uncover hidden assets or negotiating spousal support and property division, Charles provides strategic, informed guidance every step of the way.

Moreover, Charles is adept at handling the sensitive nature of high-conflict custody disputes, ensuring that the best interests of the children are always a top priority. His comprehensive approach and extensive courtroom experience make him an invaluable ally in securing favorable outcomes for his clients.

If you are facing a complex divorce in Los Angeles, you need a legal expert who can navigate the financial intricacies and protect your interests. Trust Charles Green to provide the expert counsel and advocacy you need during this challenging time.



Divorce complexities can derail the smooth progression of the dissolution process, involving:

    • Discovery of concealed assets or international holdings,

    • Custody and child support disputes,

    • Accusations of domestic violence,

    • Business valuations,

    • Division of investments, retirement accounts, and significant net-worth concerns,

    • Enforcement of marital agreements,

    • Challenges in dividing unique assets like art, jewelry, or extensive real estate portfolios.

Charles M. Green’s team is equipped to mitigate the financial and emotional strain of a complex divorce, striving for an amicable and just outcome for your legal situation.




The division of assets in high-stake divorces can become contentious, with disputes over asset concealment, valuation, and determining marital versus separate property. California’s community property law mandates an equitable distribution, but these disputes necessitate sophisticated legal intervention.

Our expertise extends to coordinating with appraisers and financial experts, ensuring a fair division of marital assets.


Child custody battles are among the most emotionally charged aspects of a complex divorce, with potential complications including relocation, abuse allegations, and disputes over visitation rights. Charles M. Green’s team prioritizes the best interests of your children, advocating for your parental rights with the utmost diligence.


Navigating prenuptial and postnuptial agreement disputes is a critical aspect of complex divorces, with potential claims regarding the validity and enforceability of these agreements under California law. Our experience is crucial in addressing these challenges, offering knowledgeable guidance through the intricacies of marital agreements.



Detailed Breakdown of Complex Divorce Issues

High Net-Worth Asset Division

Navigating the division of high-net-worth assets requires a precise and informed approach. Charles Green’s background as a former CPA ensures meticulous asset valuation and division, covering real estate investments, stock portfolios, and retirement accounts. His expertise in forensic accounting helps uncover hidden assets, ensuring a fair and transparent process.


Business Valuation and Division

Charles leverages his financial acumen for divorces involving business interests to accurately value and divide business assets. His comprehensive understanding of tax implications and future earnings projections ensures that both parties receive equitable treatment.


International and Hidden Assets

Complex divorces often involve international assets or attempts to hide wealth. Charles Green’s experience in forensic accounting and international finance allows him to trace and recover hidden assets, safeguarding your financial interests.


High-Conflict Custody Disputes

Charles is adept at handling high-conflict custody disputes. He prioritizes the best interests of the children while ensuring that clients’ parental rights are upheld. His strategic approach aims to minimize conflict and foster amicable resolutions whenever possible.



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Complex Divorce Attorney Charles M. Green, Esq.

Charles M. Green, a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist, combines financial savvy with legal expertise for unmatched support in complex divorce cases. His unique skill set is crucial for navigating the nuances of divorce law in California, ensuring clients receive top-tier guidance. Choosing Charles as your complex divorce lawyer means securing a strategic partner dedicated to your best outcome, simplifying challenging legal journeys with expertise and dedication.