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Fear and uncertainty set in when the divorce process starts, especially when it comes to maintaining one’s finances. Charles M. Green, a Certified Specialist in Family Law with an extensive financial background in accountancy assists clients in the analysis and review that goes into the proper calculation of Spousal Support. Mr. Green will not hesitate to bring to trial issues necessary in determining temporary and permanent spousal support if the goals of our clients are not meet in a voluntary settlement process first.

Temporary Spousal Support

Similar to child support, temporary spousal support is based on a statutory formula. Its purpose is to maintain the financial status quo during the period of time between the initial separation of the parties and the final division of property. Each party’s income, health care and child care costs are considered to determine the amount of the temporary spousal support.

Permanent Spousal Support

Permanent spousal support does not follow a detailed financial formula. The final amount is based on various factors such as the ability of the spouse to pay spousal support, the age and health of the recipient of support, and any special needs that have been identified. Spouses who put their career on hold to raise children may be entitled to compensation depending on the amount of time they were out of the workforce.

Mediating or Litigating Spousal Support Matters

Our focus is on obtaining fair and equitable results if not by Voluntary Settlement than by aggressive and experienced litigation. Only after competent analysis of the parties tax returns and financial statements can you recognize the financial position of a divorcing spouse. Temporary spousal support bridges the gap and reduces the anxiety of an already stressful situation. Permanent support can provide an opportunity for a spouse to return to school towards resuming their career or starting a new one.

Typically, disputes over temporary spousal support result from the amounts entered into the statutory formula. Because no strict financial formula exists for permanent spousal support and because the duration of the support is not predetermined, permanent spousal support disputes often arise between a divorcing couple. Attorney Charles M. Green, attempts to resolve these issues through informed negotiation providing clients with some control over the process. However, when necessary he will litigate if that becomes the best or only option to protect his client’s interests.

Some Factors in Determining Spousal Support :

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of the spouses
  • The income of both spouses
  • The education, training and work history of each spouse
  • Whether one spouse gave up a career to raise children


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