Fabiana Piroyansky

Fabiana Piroyansky

Paralegal | Spanish Translator


Since 2006, Ms. Fabiana has been working as a Paralegal at the law office of Charles M. Green – A Professional Law Corporation. She has a certification as a Legal Document Assistant “LDA” Reg. #617 for Los Angeles County. She is dedicated and responsible for exclusively serving the Hispanic community. This includes doing extraordinary things to help the #Latino community and expand clients’ portfolios.

Ms. Fabiana graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, before coming to the United States. After obtaining her #law degree, she had the dream to apply her legal knowledge and grow professionally in a law firm. Ms. Fabiana worked several years in the legal area of Immigration Law until the Law Firm of Charles M. Green allowed her to develop professionally in the area of #familylaw.

Ms. Fabiana is extremely organized as well as an efficient independent worker and multitasker. She ensures that all projects are completed in a timely manner and has also had some of her written works published, including press releases and articles.

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