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Divorce Attorneys for Women

Top Legal Professionals for Divorcing Women 

All attorneys at our divorce and family law firm are committed to protecting and fighting for the legal rights of women and children. Family law and divorce cases can affect the most significant aspects of our lives: our relationships with our spouse and children; our finances and property; and our future rights and responsibilities. Your Los Angeles divorce and family law team provides effective and compassionate legal counsel to women in Los Angeles who might be facing challenging divorce or family law scenarios particular to mothers.

Sensitive legal issues, especially those involving children, must be handled with care. Charles Green and his team of female attorneys and paralegals are committed to giving you the genuine assistance that you deserve. Highly experienced legal counsel and representation from a Certified California Family Law Specialist can make a big difference in how your family law issues are resolved.

Associate Attorney
Diana O. Olanipekun

Diana O. Olanipekun, Esq., brings not only a wealth of family law and divorce expertise to Charles M. Green, APLC, but also an invaluable perspective as a woman profoundly understanding the nuanced challenges female clients face. Admitted to the California State Bar in 2008, Diana has passionately advocated for her clients’ rights across Los Angeles and Orange County, offering a blend of professional acumen and personal empathy that resonates with women navigating the complexities of divorce and family law matters.

As an Associate Attorney within our firm, Diana is pivotal in all aspects of our family law cases. Her daily responsibilities include conducting thorough legal research and crafting detailed declarations, memorandum of points and authorities, and briefs, all while bringing a keen sense of empathy and understanding to her work. She is adept at preparing Settlement Agreements and Judgments and leverages her substantial litigation experience in the courtrooms of Los Angeles and Orange County Superior Courts.

Diana’s approach is both professional and personable, embodying a blend of strength and sensitivity. She understands women’s emotional and practical challenges during these difficult times and is committed to empowering her clients through steadfast legal support and advocacy. Her experience as a woman in the legal field adds a layer of trust and confidence for female clients, ensuring they feel understood, supported, and confidently represented. With Diana O. Olanipekun on your side, you gain not just an attorney but a fierce ally who truly grasps the stakes of what you’re fighting for.


Diana O. Olanipekun
e-mail: diana at greenlawcorp.com

Fabiana Cristina Piroyansky

Meet Fabiana Cristina Piroyansky, a pillar of support and understanding to all our clients navigating the complexities of divorce and family law cases. An accomplished professional with a law degree from the prestigious University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (currently inactive), Fabiana brings a profound cultural and emotional intelligence to our team. For over 17 years, she has been the right hand of Charles M. Green, offering compassionate assistance, clear explanations, and reassurances to clients when they need it the most.

Fabiana understands that the challenges women face during divorce or family disputes are unique and often emotionally charged. Her experience, knowledge, and empathy help her provide support that is sensitive to the distinct dynamics women navigate in these situations. She is particularly committed to ensuring that every woman feels heard, respected, and empowered throughout their legal journey.

With Fabiana by your side, rest assured that not only will you be thoroughly informed about all aspects of your case, but you’ll also have an empathetic ear and a caring heart to accompany you through this challenging time. She is an integral part of our mission at Charles M. Green, APLC, which is to provide every client with the highest level of legal and emotional support throughout their family law proceedings.

“I’m here to help you with concerns or questions you may have.”


Fabiana Piroyanski
e-mail: fabi at greenlawcorp dot com

Charles M. Green
Principal Attorney

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Divorce clients who are mothers find a unique advocate in Charles M. Green, not only because of his profound expertise in family law and divorce matters but also because of his compassionate approach as a caring father. Charles understands the deep emotional complexities involved in a divorce, particularly for women, drawing from his extensive legal and financial background and his own experiences of parenthood. His commitment to your case goes beyond professional guidance; it’s a commitment grounded in empathy and a desire to protect and nurture your family’s future.

Charles M. Green, a Certified Family Law Specialist recognized by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, is esteemed by colleagues and courts across Southern California for his authority in family law and divorce proceedings. His specialized practice in women’s divorce issues offers seasoned legal counsel through intricate challenges, emphasizing protecting your interests and rights with paternal care that only someone who truly understands the value of family can provide.

Together, Diane and Charles grasp the matters closest to your heart. Their collaborative efforts aim to settle your divorce and family law dilemmas through the most friendly means possible, always ready to staunchly defend your rights against uncooperative counterparts. This ensures you step into the next chapter of your life positively and confidently, minimizing emotional and financial distress. With Charles M. Green, you gain a lawyer and a dedicated advocate who understands the importance of parental bonds and the need for a compassionate resolution that honors your family’s well-being.

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