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Tips for Leaving a Domestic Violence Relationship

Domestic Violence Los angeles

At Charles M. Green, our priority as  family law and domestic violence attorneys is the safety and security of your familial relationships, especially your children. If you are in a volatile relationship, your utmost priority is to get yourself and your kids to safety.

Research demonstrates that the most dangerous point  in that volatile relationship occurs when the battered spouse makes the decision to abandon the relationship. If you have time to plan, start placing cash aside, ideally not in your house. Along with cash, prepare clothing and other important items, including:

  • Your credit cards and checkbook
  • Social security cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Copies of deeds, leases, and insurance policies
  • Evidence of revenue, including pay stubs or W-2 records
  • Duplicates of bank or credit card statements, if you can’t get them easily online
  • Any paperwork or photos that prove past abuse, for instance police reports or medical documents

In addition to making sure that you’ve got sleeping arrangements at a hotel, a shelter, or at the home of a good friend that the abuser doesn’t know, make sure to record every incident of emotional or physical abuse you or your child experiences.

Note the date, time, and a detailed description of what transpired for each and every incident that involves you or your children. It’s also a good to compose a list of safe people to contact.

Memorize the phone numbers of people or places to call for help.
Keep petty cash and funds with you at all times.Set up a code word with family and friends should you need to call them for help without attracting the attention of the abuser.

If you must Leave promptly.

If you must get away from your home quickly, go straight to court for a protective order that will require the abuser to stay clear of you. If you have children, be sure the judge gives you custody so as to avoid accusations of kidnapping in the future.

It could be necessary to hire a lawyer at this point. Legal assistance may be provided for individuals who can’t afford it. Shelters frequently have staff and means to assist you to fight domestic violence.

To find out more about what to do after you leave or about child custody and visitation concerns call Charles M. Green today.

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