Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer for Men

Divorce Lawyer for Men

The process of going through a divorce always has its challenges. However, men face unique circumstances that require understanding and expertise. As a divorce attorney in Los Angeles’ Charles M. Green provides the knowledge and guidance to help men’s divorce clients resolve their cases effectively.

Since men are often the primary wage earners for their families, some of the biggest challenges that they face are related to their finances. If you are dealing with these concerns, we encourage you to get in touch with the Family Law Office of Charles M. Green today.

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Community Assets in Men’s Divorce

When a man goes through a divorce, his assets may become the subject of mediation or courtroom discussions. The legal proceedings will try to determine what his actual holdings are, the sources of his income, which assets are community property, and how the disposable income from the marriage will be divided among the two spouses.

These decisions became even more important when children are involved. The value of these holdings, among other factors, can determine the amount that a father might pay for child support. While responsible parents want to care for their children, many do not want the court to decide their child’s financial future or to take away their own financial freedom.

The Proper Representation of Finances

Our Los Angeles clients will find that their income is properly represented in the legal proceeding. Their finances will be skillfully interpreted, requiring them to pay no more than legally required.

In particular, many high net worth  male divorce clients typically earn money through non-traditional means. Their assets and income may come in the form of a business partnership, royalties, equity, or other holdings. The complexity of these assets means that they must be valued by skillful accountants and attorneys. Also, involving these assets in a settlement will require a very high level of legal and financial expertise. Your financial and legal team must be sensitive to your asset based liquidity and tax consequences of any dissolution (divorce) settlement.

Our Legal Approach to Men’s Divorce

The Law Office of Charles M. Green is a team of divorce attorneys for men: Los Angeles professionals who recognize these financial concerns and vigorously defend the rights of our clients. We help the client develop a realistic vision for life after the divorce; determine his priorities for a settlement; value his assets correctly; and vigorously negotiate his position during mediation or a hearing.

Charles M. Green is a certified family law specialist, a financial and tax expert, and an experienced divorce attorney for men. Los Angeles clients choose him in particular because of his background in business and his work representing high net worth individuals. Mr. Green holds both an MBA and a CPA (currently inactive,) which give him a broad understanding of complex assets. His experience, focus, and commitment to his clients helps them to achieve the best settlement possible.

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    Michael Martin


    My name is Michael Martin. I was recently handed divorce papers by my wife of over ten years. At the time, I was heading out the door for out of town work. Now that I am back in town I need an attorney to represent me. My major concern is cost, cost, and cost.

    I am a screenwriter/producer and my schedule is exploding but I need to address this drastic change in my personal life.

    I have two kids. I rent. Lease two cars. I have an S-corporation. Accounts that span stock and IRA investments.

    I believe a court date has been set for June 3rd. And now that I am currently working everyday I need an attorney sooner rather than later.

    Thank you

    Michael Martin

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