Considerations as You Fight a Child Custody Dispute

Taking The High Road in a Child Custody Dispute

child custody dispute

When it comes to child custody disputes, taking the “high road” can become a bit challenging. But as always recommended, take a deep breath and think about what is best for your child(ren.) In most cases it’s healthiest for kids to spend time with both of their parents and in most instances that is how the California Family Law Court is going to rule.

We never hesitate to remind our clients about the 9 Rules of Engagements for a Divorce. The same rules apply for child custody disputes. How much time, energy,  and financial resources are you willing to sacrifice into trying to limit your divorcing spouse’s time with the kids knowing darn well that strategy will not be successful?

As you should know by now, California puts the best interest of the child first, always. Make sincere efforts to attend mediation with your spouse to work out reasonable solutions and really think with your heart about whether you are making sincere compromises that will benefit your child(ren.)

Also, consider if your ideals are consistent with reality. Do you work an excessive amount of hours during your work week? 60-70 hours?  Even if you are successful in winning majority time share with your children, how are you going to manage that while you’re away at work? Who’s going to watch, drive, or otherwise supervise the children?

Do you really have the time and resources  available to parent or are you just being spiteful by contesting your spouses request for custody? Don’t forget that your child’s emotional, mental, and physical well being is the priority consideration here. An honest look in the mirror is critical. Nobody is perfect and part of good parenting is acknowledging your shortcomings.

If you are acting defensive toward the efforts for shared child custody, self reflect on your criticisms about your divorcing spouse’s parenting skills and be honest about whether they’re truly that serious or negative. Are you truly concerned about the well being of your kids or are you letting your ego get the best of you and just trying to be controlling?

If you are involved in a child custody dispute make sure you obtain the best legal representation available.
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Charles M. Green is Certified as a Family Law Specialist through the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California. He has worked extensively in both the financial fields and as a litigation attorney specializing in Family Law Cases. He is also diversely experienced in a number of other practice areas of importance to individuals and families. You can find him on Google+

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Charles M. Green is Certified as a Family Law Specialist through the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California.

A Certified Family Law Specialist must pass an extensive written examination in the variety of subjects that are family law, be approved by a peer review process and show proficiency in Family Law by having represented clients in a sufficient number of Family Law cases with varying degrees of complexity. Continuing education is required to maintain this specialty designation.

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