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3699 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 700, Los Angeles, CA 90010 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm +1-213-387-4508

Divorce & Forensic Accounting
for the High-Net Individual

Forensic accounting plays a crucial role in high-net divorces, as it helps identify, value, and divide complex assets and uncover hidden or undervalued assets. High-net divorces often involve complicated assets such as business interests, real estate, investments, and retirement accounts. Forensic accountants can provide expert analysis and valuation for a fair distribution.

Uncovering hidden assets is another important aspect of forensic accounting in high-net divorces. Spouses may attempt to conceal or undervalue assets during a divorce, and forensic accountants can locate these hidden assets to ensure an equitable division of property.

In addition to asset identification and valuation, forensic accountants are skilled at assessing the value of businesses and professional practices. This expertise is essential for an accurate division of assets in high-net divorces. Moreover, divorces can have significant tax consequences, especially for high-net individuals. Forensic accountants can help identify potential tax liabilities and recommend strategies to minimize tax impacts.

A forensic accountant can also conduct a lifestyle analysis to determine the standard of living during the marriage. This analysis can impact spousal support and child support calculations. Furthermore, forensic accountants can serve as expert witnesses in court, providing credible and reliable testimony to support your case and help ensure a fair resolution.

It’s crucial to select a forensic accountant with experience in high-net divorces and a thorough understanding of California family law. This expertise will ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Overall, employing a forensic accountant in high-net divorce cases can significantly enhance the comprehension of the financial aspects involved and contribute to a more favorable outcome.


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