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Make Sure Your Spouse Gets Nothing in the Divorce.

That’s not going to happen.

Any Los Angeles divorce lawyer that says or implies otherwise is not giving you honest counsel.
There are too many factors involved in family law to guarantee such an outcome even with the most experienced and confident divorce attorneys.

An Honest and Realistic Divorce Lawyer

What you need as a person seeking a successful and effective divorce is an attorney who is going to keep you grounded and practical. One that will remove all the divorce myths and stories you’ve heard from your friends, family, hairstylist, barber, or whomever. You need a divorce lawyer that will dissolve all that folklore and explain the best practical options and forecast what really is going to unfold in your divorce case.

The ego-busting reality is that it’s not reasonable to say “My spouse is not going to get anything.” The strategic and grounded way to approach the divorce is to be as diplomatic as possible and understand that your foremost goal is to get what you are entitled to under California law.

Should there be any grey areas of your divorce or custody case where you will need extended litigation you will need a family law attorney that will pursue your divorce case in an ethical and diligent way and that will get you the most favorable financial and emotional outcome possible.

A Diplomatic Divorce is in Your Best Interest.

If you choose to remain in a vengeful state of mind you will pay for it. Look at Frank and Jamie McCourt’s 2010 Dodger Divorce, they chose to perpetuate animosity resulting in what probably was the priciest divorce case in Los Angeles and California state history.

Now most of us are not millionaires but the cause and effect mechanics of such an unreasonable strategy (if we can even call it a strategy) will drain your assets just the same. Bluntly speaking, it will set the transition into the next stage of your life on a bad foot both financially and emotionally.

Remember Children Come First in a Divorce

Unless you have substantial reasoning or there is an agreement, don’t attempt to keep your spouse from seeing the children because it will backfire on you. The California Family Law Court’s decision will always lean to what is best for the child. If you are being unreasonable and coming from an unbalanced emotional disposition the judge will catch it resulting in disadvantages for you.

Money comes and goes but emotional wounds can last a lifetime. During the divorce process, most divorcing couples get caught up in perpetuating animosity among each other that they forget the implications their selfish behavior will have on the child(ren.)

Divorce will negatively affect a child of any age whether adolescent or adult. However, in the case of the former it is critical that divorcees make their children’s mental, emotional, and educational state the top priority.

One would think being mindful of your children during a divorce is a no-brainer but having processed hundreds of divorce cases you would be surprised just how often divorcing couples quickly lose sight of their children’s best interest to the detriment of their children’s emotional, mental, and financial future.

Charles M. Green is Certified as a California Family Law Specialist through the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California. He has worked extensively in both financial accounting fields and as a litigation attorney specializing in Family Law Cases. He is also diversely experienced in a number of other legal practice areas of importance to individuals, families, and businesses.

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